Japan Karate - San Diego teaches authentic Japanese Karate-Do in the Hokushin Shito Ryu International style to children, women and men of all ages. We are located on Midway Drive in San Diego, near the Sports Arena District.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Free Uniform included with the first month. New students only. Starts 1/1/24

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Regular Tuition Cost

$140 month 2 karate classes a week.

$170 month unlimited karate classes.

The ultimate goal of Japanese Karate is self-defense but practicing the art of Japanese Karate will build your confidence, increase physical strength, build your endurance, add flexibility, increase your cardiovascular fitness, tone your body and decrease stress.

Karate builds mentally and physically strong individuals. Here at Japan Karate-Do San Diego we place emphasis on manners, discipline, and strategic thinking. Karate allows students to improve every aspect of their lives and is excellent for shaping and toning the body, increasing flexibility and helping to focus during school.

Japan Karate-Do San Diego teaches awareness and self-confidence to women and girls of all ages. Karate teaches techniques that may save your life by teaching you preventive and defensive maneuvers and how to assert control in life threatening situations. Karate teaches vital strike points, specific attack responses, grappling, ground fighting, defense against weapons, as well as teaches how to sharpen your observational and judgment skills. All classes are taught by female instructors.

Japan Karate - San Diego affiliated with Japan Karate-Do Organization (JKO) and we are dedicated to delivering outstanding karate instruction. With an unbroken lineage that is over a century old, Japan Karate - San Diego represents the best of the karate and martial arts world.